Seeing Some Nice Browns

Weather has gone from OMG (upper 20s) the other morning to possibly the lower 70s today!  Guess it’s that time of the year.  Yesterday was a nice, sunny day, and we are seeing more of the same today.  However, according to the weather man, we should expect rain tonight into tomorrow morning.  Thursday and Friday look like sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.  Slight chance of rain on Saturday with temperatures both days in the upper 50s.

Generation has been up and down…..what new?!  Off most of Saturday and on all day yesterday.  However, it was low enough most of the day to do some wade fishing in various area.  So far to day, it is off.  Supposed to have been on this a.m. for about four hours.

Jim on the water Saturday with John and his son Josh.  they had a good day on the white grub.

Both Jim and Stan are out today so we’ll see how fishing is when they get in.  Have seen and heard of several nice browns being caught up by the Hatchery.  Various patterns, but several of the guys are fishing the worm brown San Juan worm and the chamois worm.  Also reports on the gray scud.


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