Cold Weather Sneaking In!

We have had several days this past weekend and week of nice weather.  Today is beautiful and I think tomorrow is projected to be in the 70s, so once last nice day before we start cooling down.  Friday and Saturday looks like 50s , but moving into the 60s by Sunday through the rest of the week.  Really, just more seasonal weather.  We’ve been luck this Fall.

Generation off the past two days.  Ran non-stop the the previous four days.  Tomorrow’s projection has not yet been posted.  Let’s hope for very low or no generation.

Pete and Bella - 10/24/14

Pete and Bella – 10/24/14

What a fun day I had last Friday.  Pete and Ellen took our two-day fly fishing school in 2007.  They both fell in love with fly fishing and have been fly fishing ever since then.  No surprise there!  They recently decided that they wanted their grand daughter, Bella, to get an introduction to fly fishing, so they spent the day on the water with me last Friday.   What a neat young lady!  Before the day was over, she was casting, mending and getting a great drift (even with 2-3 units running), recognizing a strike, setting the hook and playing the fish like she had been doing it all her life.  I really think Pete and Ellen have a new fly fishing buddy to take along on their trips.   Gina had a fun day with a couple of her regulars, Marlene and

Marlene - 10/24/14

Marlene – 10/24/14

her brother Craig.  They fished the JQ streamer, San Juan tan worm and a pink micro San Juan.

Mike and Jan didn’t get enough of Carolyn on Thursday (really, Jan didn’t catch enough fish!), so they went out for half a day more on Saturday.  Water running that morning, so we fished the UV gray scud with a black copperhead midge dropper.  Hooked a few below Lookout Island on the holographic green crackleback, but probably did best with the black size 16 midge on the high bank drifting out.  Darrell had Pat from Oklahoma on the water for about 2-1/2 hours.  Pat had a wedding or meeting to go to at 10:00 a.m. but had to go fishing!  Doug and Laura were on the river with Dana.  They caught a few on the cerise San Juan worm.

Monday, Bob fished with Stan all day.  One of those tough days.  Good quality fish, but they worked hard for them.  Big ruby and the P&P were their patterns for the day.

Stan - 10/28/14

Stan – 10/28/14

Stan and Sally from Georgia took a half day trip with Carolyn on Tuesday.  Once we could find some moving water, we caught fish on the root beer midge or some form of it (holographic red body with black wire spiraled around the body and a copper tunghead).  Slowed down where we were, so rowed upstream to below the root wad and tied on a P&P.  Back to catching again.  Stan caught a nice 18 inch rainbow up there, and they both had a good number of hook ups using this.

I have been seeing some pictures of really nice rainbows and browns being caught up in the Hatchery area.  One picture of a beautiful brown caught this morning.  I believe he said it was 16 pounds.



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