Working For Those Trout!

Weather is hot!  90s yesterday and again today.  90s looks like the projection into the weekend.  There is a slight chance of showers every day into next Tuesday.  Not much relief in slight.

No generation in the mornings the past three days.  Prior to that, it was low flow in the morning and then a ramp up to a high one unit or low two.  Really preferred that generation pattern to what we are having now. 

Jim had an interesting trip out last Saturday.  Tim from Kansas brought his nephew, Sverjen from Poland to fish.  Whole lots of sign language going on.  Jim didn’t speak Polish and Sverjen did not speak English!  Fish did care.  Sverjen hooked fish on the blood worm dropped from a P&P midge, a size 18 gray scud dropped from the P&P, or the copper dun midge.    Keith and Claudia from here in Missouri spend the morning with Stan.  Claudia is a new fisher, and I think she likes it now.  They fished the P&P and copper dun midges.  Carolyn had Ron and Joyce,

Joyce - 7/13/13

also from here in Missouri, out for half a day.  Not a fast and furious day, but lots of fun and we caught fish on the CQ streamer, the hot hair nymph, the black zebra and a copper dun midge.  The trip was a very thoughtful present from their son. 

Sunday, Cassie and David from Kansas City spent quality instructional time on the river with Jim.  They are both new, fishing was slow, so they did a lot of skill and technique work. 

Debbie - 7/15/13

Monday, Stan and Carolyn took Vic, Ken, Debbie and Laura out for half a day.  Of course, Carolyn took the ladies and Stan took the gentlemen.  Lots of stories on this trip that will never be disclosed!  This was Debbie and Ken’s first time with a fly rod.  both did well.  Best patterns were the copper dun, P&P and the copper headed black zebra midge. 

Laura – 7/15/13

Steven, from Illinois, on the water all day Tuesday with Jim.  Jim said “tuff”.  Worked for them, but caugut fish on the CQ streamer, the copper/black midge, a gray midge and an all black midge.  Wednesday, it was James and Diane for a half day with Stan.  Was off at put in, then one unit came on and then three units blew through at 1:00 p.m.  Good for the drfit out!  Best pattern was the copper dun midge.  

Yesterday, Gina took Dylan and his Grandpa, Don out for half day of instruction and catching.  They fished the copper/black midge, a red midge and a gray scud.  Darrell had Rick and
Dylan and Don – 7/18/13

Trent out for half a day.   They really could not find any best pattern either.  Another “tuff” day on the water.  Jim and Carolyn has the Louisiana Kerrs on the water all day.  Once the water came on, it really fished better.  Pulled fish all the way though to the take out on the CQ streamer, a P&P midge, the copper midge, the copper head black zebra and a size 18 gray scud or blood worm dropper.

With these warm days, the oxygen is burning out of the water pretty quickly, especially when there is no generation.  Consider going to 7X tippet and stay with the small size bugs.  Slow down a bit when stripping patterns.  Go early!  Fishes fair early in the a.m.  Once the sun has warmed up the edges, fishing starts slowing down big time!

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