More Ups Than Downs!

Weather has been pretty nice the past week.  A bit of wind yesterday, but the temperatures have been pleasant…..for this time of the year.  Looks like low 90s into the coming weekend when they are calling for scattered showers.

Generation patterns have been it’s usual spactic self.  However, seems like the levels are up more than off of down.  The few times of low flow have been great.  Wish it was stay at the low levels more.  We did have off water in the mornings over the weekend.

Darrell on the water last Tuesday (wow!…running late again)  He has Pat from Texas out for the morning.  They had a pretty good day on the CQ streamer.  Terry was out with Dana.  They too had a good day on the CQ streamer.  Also caught fish on the tan bug and a P&P midge. 

Wednesday, Jim took Dean from Oklahoma out for half a day.  Fish were pretty tight lipped that day.  They caught fish, but no pattern was working best .  Bret, from Iowa, was out all day with Stan.  They caught fish on the holographic green crackleback, and the P&P under the big ruby.  Unfortunately, as soon as they found the pattern and a pod of fish, another generator would come on and scatter the fish again.  It was frustrating, but they had a pretty good day.  Darrell took Greg and Deb out for the morning.  P&P was their pattern.

Thursday, Teresa and Trey from Tennessee spent the morning with Carolyn.  Fun couple.  Fortunately, it was one of those off mornings and Trey started hooking and catching on the CQ streamer.  Also caught fish on the blood worm dropped from the ugly midge or a black zebra.  Jim was with Jorge from New York.  Pretty good day for these guys on the copper head black zebra and a gray scud.  Jorge is pretty new, so Jim did quite a bit of work with him on his skills.  Dean and Bev spent the morning with Stan.  It was the P&P, Rusty and big ruby midges for them.

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