Yes, They Were A Couple Good Fishing Days!

Weather over the weekend was great!  50s Friday, 60s Saturday and 50s again today.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and we are taking a nose dive tomorrow.  Artic cool down coming our way which will cool Monday down into the low to maybe mid 30s.  Tuesday will be a little warmer….low 40s; Wednesday mid 50s, and a slight chance of rain by Thursday with the high approaching 50.  Next weekend is looking cool again, low to mid 30s. 

Generation was also great this weekend.  A little spike Friday morning then no generation the rest of Friday, all day Saturday and so far, all day today.  Projection for tomorrow is one generator for seven hours starting at 5:00 a.m.  Should be off in the afternoon. 

The two guys from Texas, Dean and his son, Todd, who spent a 29 degree day on the water with Stan last Tuesday fished again with him on Thursday.  What a difference!  Temperature in mid 40s.  They were ready to start shedding layers.  Very good day fishing for them also.  Doubled their number from the first trip, much better weather and they got to pull the CQ streamer.  Also caught some early in the trip on the copper dun midge.

Jim on the water yesterday with Rudy from the St. Louis area.  They had a  good day stripping the size 10 CQ streamer.  

Talked to several folks who fished this weekend and it sounds like it was a very good catching weekend.  Lots of different patterns were working which include the holographic green crackleback both stripping under an intermediate sinking leader or line, the size 12 olive filoplume (also on the sinking leader), P&P midge, olive midge, black scud, tan scuds, olive soft hackle, gray or black WD40.  Quite a list.  I did talk to some fishers who felt the upper area around the hatchery was not fishing as well as the area from just above the boat ramp on down.  The Kerrs from Louisiana were here yesterday and fished all day.  They had a great day on the olive or P&P midges, the olive filoplume and the holographic crackleback.  You should have been here this weekend!

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