Looks Like A Couple Good Fishing Days Ahead!

Weather earlier this week was COLD.  But, we are seeing a warming trend into the weekend, then back to the mid 30s by Monday!  Today should be in the mid 40s and tomorrow into the low 50s, with Saturday in the mid to upper 50s with sunshine every day.     

Spastic generation schedule over the past three days.  Some no generation  time yesterday, but they ran generation all day Tuesday.  It was low enough Tuesday in the afternoon, however, that you could wade in some places and definitely catch fish.    Today was projected to be off all day, but I see we have some generation going this morning, holding it at 704 average.

Stan on the water Tuesday afternoon (think the high was 32 degrees!) with two fly fishers from Texas, Dean and his son Todd.  Fished and caught on the copper dun midge steadily all afternoon.  We’ll see what they catch on today as they are going out again this afternoon.

Gary, from the shop, and several other folks out fishing yesterday and having a wonderful day.  Gsary was catching on the holographic green crackleback trailing behind the CQ streamer.  Hit the crackleback for a while then focused in mainly on the CQ.  Dave and his friend from the Kansas City area did well on the CQ as well as an olive mohair leech he ties.

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