Nice Weather And Fishing Is Not Bad Either!

We continue to seelittle cooler temperatures than normal for this time of year.  Trying to make up for the hotter than normal temperatures we had in June and July!  Still a chance of rain Saturday night into Sunday, but temperatures will continue to be mild.

Very little generation.  Came on yesterday around 2:00 p.m. with a low one generator.  Scheduled to come on today around 4:00 p.m., again with one generator. 

Good day for Larry from the St. Louis area and his brother Rich, from Maryland, with Darrell.  They fished all day and had a pretty steady day of catching on the copper dun midge dropped from the P&P midge.  After the water came on, he changed out to a larger black midge with the brass head and caught a few more.  The water did dirty up after the generator came on and pretty much shut down the fish but they still pulled out a few more.

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