A Bit Slower The Past Two Days

Still having great weather.  Made it into the low 90s today with the same predictions through Friday.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday look like upper 80s with an increased chance (50%) of showers Sunday.

After the three days of continous low generation, we have had a couple days of very little generation.  They ran one generator yesterday from 7:00 p.m. to midnight and turned on one today at 4:00 p.m.  Tomorrow looks like no generation until late in the afternoon.

Amren - 8/20/12

Amren and his grandfather, Darrell, spent Monday morning on the water with Stan.  This was Amren’s first time fly fishing and definitely brushing the cob webs off for Darrell, who had fly fished many year ago.  Although they had to work for every fish, they caught several fish and Amren landed a nice 16-1/2 inch rainbow on the rusty midge.  They also caught some on the P&P midge.  Carolyn had Penny, who recently moved here from Alaska out for the morning.  She worked hard also, but landed fish on the rusty, P&P and black zebra with the copper head. 

Tuesday Carolyn had Vic, from Indiana, out mainly for instruction, but we managed to land a few fish on the P&P midge and a natural colored filoplume.  Vic wanted to work on casting, which we did, stripping, which we did, as well has how to fish the various paterns we were throwing.  Good session on false casting and working a sinking leader.

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