Lots of Nice Fish Being Caught

We continue to see up and down generation, but fortunately, there is enough down time that lots of people are catching some really nice fish up in the Hatchery area. Monday was a real fluctuating day as they had it off six hours in the morning, on for three, then back off for four and back on for seven hours. During the week, Wednesday was the best day for wading. It was off until 3:00 in the afternoon. It as up and down yesterday, but no so much that one could not get out there and do some wading. Weather continues to be beautiful…had one crispy night in the upper 20s but it warmed up to be a very nice day in the 70s.

Wednesday, Stan had Don and John from Illinois out all day.  Fun couple of guys and good fishers.  They had a very good day on the rusty and red midges. 

Carolyn took Ted and Tom from the Blue Springs area out all day Thursday.  This was one of those nippy mornings and the soup really hit for spot for lunch.  We boated several nice fish during the day on the size 18 ruby midge dropped under a size 12 UV gray scud.   I think Tom could catch fish in a bath tub.  Both are good fishers and fish al over the place.  Hope they send pictures of some of the nice fish we caught.

Friday, Cary from Virginia spent the day on the water with Stan.  He fishes mostly in small mountain streams so this tailwater was a real new experience for him.  He had a good day on every one of the midges…almostlllburgundy, primrose & pearl, copper dun and black zebra. 

Had 8 TU pins handed out in the past 3-4 days for mostly rainbows but a few browns over 20 inches so folks are still catching some nice fish.  Understand from the folks at the Hatchery that the brown run is pretty much finished.  However, remember that are always those hanger ons and John come latelys.  Still a few browns handing around and defintiely some nice rainbows!

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