Good Days!….Tough Days!

Way behind again! Only had the water off from midnight until 2:00 a.m. last Tuesday. These rest of the week has seen was on at 6:00 a.m. for a couple hours; off for 6-8 hours,; then back on for 4-6 hours. Thank you…by Saturday we had generation for only three hours in the morning, and then they shut it off the rest of the day into Sunday.  Sunday we had a little blip of water for a couple hours around 8:00 p.m.

Last Tuesday, Jim had Carl and Dan from Oklahoma City out all day.  It was one of those tough days.  However, they did catch some fish on the size 14 red midge, a gray scud, and a size 18 black thorax midge.

Bob from Kentucky, spent the morning on the water with Stan Thursday.  Stan found his match with this guy.  If you know Stan very well, you know he has some parameters on when he will fish.  “If it’s 40 or below, Stan don’t go”, or “if the wind is 20 and above, Stan don’t go”, and on, and on…..  Anyway, when Bob booked his trip, it almost sounded like Stan.  Despite their limitations, they had a good day on the water.

Friday, Darrell took Robert, from Tulsa, out for half a day.  They had a good day, mainly on the size 18 ruby midge.  Stan was also out.  Must have been Oklahoma day, as he had Terry and Dave, also from Tulsa, out all day.  Good full day of fishing, especially when the water started dropping in the late morning.  Best patterns were a size 18 olive midge, a green Copper John and best was the size 18 Primrose & Pearl midge.  Carolyn took Mary Jo and her husband Bill, out all day.  These two are originally from Minnesota, but moved several years ago to Alaska where they once had their own fly shop in Sitka.  Just recently retired, they purchased a camper and are traveling around fishing!  What fun.  Mary Jo was one of the five women, including Carolyn, who went to Sweden and Norway to fish this past June.  Mary Jo said she was going to come to Branson to fish, and she did.  Fun and fish filled day on the holographic green crackleback (Mary Jo really liked this), a size 18 ruby midge, and a size 18 copper dun midge.

Dana had Gene and Terry from Kansas out all day Saturday.  Think it was Terry’s first time fly fishing.  He caught a nice 18 inch rainbow.  What a way to get started.  Their best flies were a size 16 gray scud, size 16 tan flashback scud and a red San Juan worm.

Sunday, Darrell had John and Thomas, from Oak Grove, most of the day.  This was another one of those tough days.  One nice fish, 18-1/2″ rainbow, but the rest were few and far between.  What they did catch was on either an olive filoplume or  the olive floozie.  Folks coming into the store that day were also moaning about the tough fishing.

Not seeing very many browns anymore but we are seeing lots of nice rainbows.   Have pictures to publish of some of the above mentioned trips, but the gremlin is still running around somewhere in my computer.

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