It’s Almost Fall?!

Certainly could not tell that Fall is almost upon us by the weather.  Yesterday was in the low 90s, today will be in the 90s and I think they are projecting the same for tomorrow.  Oh well, should not complain.  We will be wishing for days like this come January and February.  Water off most of today, except for 1-2 hours late this afternoon.  Tomorrow the projection is for the water to be off until 3:00 p.m. when it will come on for 6-7 hours, then off.  As we always say about Mondays, we’ll see.

Yesterday morning, Jim had Ken and Ethan, from Columbia on the water.  Ethan is new to fly fishing, so Jim took him through the basics process.  They had a good day catching too on the black zebra, blood worm and gray scud.  Stan had Gary and Kent out all day.  These guys are from up around the Kansas City area.  They had a great catching day too.  Black zebra in the early part of the day, Primrose & Pearl midge and gray scud later in the morning and early afternoon.  Also did well with the holographic green crackleback and stripping a 56er.  We are seeing a few browns.  Nothing consistently in big numbers, but a few here and there.  Also know that some of the fishers out there in the dark are doing good night fishing for browns.



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