Good Day to be Fishing!

Yesterday was another beautiful day to be on the water.  Probably in the upper 80s, maybe low 90s.  Water was off until 3:00 p.m. and we are experiencing off water again today.  Think they are scheduled to turn it on some time this afternoon for a few hours, then back off.  Weather forecast this morning shows no rain until mid week, and then just a chance.  Right now it looks like next weekend will be a repeat of this weekend.

Mel – 9/17/10

Darrell on the water with Mike and Mel from the St. Louis area yesterday.  They had a fun day using the Primrose & pearl and copper dun midges, and a gray scud.   Gina also on the water for half a day with Gail and Carole.  Gail is a full-time RVer and Carole is from New Jersey.  Carole loves this area, especially the fishing, and is looking for a place to live as I write.  Both are new to fly fishing and they had a wonderful day.  Best patterns were the floozie, burgundy an primrose and pearl midges, and a tan scud.  Carole is especially fond of the floozie.  Looks like another "stripper" in the making!

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