Relief In Sight!

Although the projection for today was no water except for three hours this afternoon, I was not too surprised when I checked the generation this morning and found they were running an equivalent of one generator.  Good news is they did shut it off around 8:00 a.m.  Projection for tomorrow is also no generation except for a while in the afternoon.  We are looking forward to a cooling trend which will put our temperatures in the low 90s instread of 100s!  The humidity will also drop, which will certain be a BIG comfort factor.

Think the fish are even sick of this heat.   Fishing Wednesday and Thursday was slow.  Jim had David from Illinois out in the morning.  they boated some fish, but worked for them.  Rusty midge, blood worm, tan b-bug and #10 olive bugger were the main flies they used to catch fish.

Stan had Olen and Skip from the Kansas City area out Thursday.  Skip is pretty new to fly fishing with Olen being the seasoned fisher.  It was a slow morning but picked up a little before the generators came on and also after the water picked up.  It seemed to fish better further down near the end of the quality management area.  Best flies were the big pink San Juan worm and an olive marabou. 


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