From Ranch to River!

IT HAS BEEN HOT!  So far this week, temperatures have been in the upper 90s with heat indexes in the 100s!   If we are lucky, it looks like a little relief in sight by Sunday when it will cool down to at least the lower 90s, possibly upper 80s.  Generation pattern has been pretty consistent this week.  Water off in the morning from midnight until 6:00 a.m. when they run a low one generator for maybe an hour.  Staying off until noon or 1:00 p.m.  Have been starting it up pretty hard with first two generators, then the last two within an hour and running them to a tailwater level of 710 feet.  Fishing is still fair to good depending on where you are and how and what you are fishing.  However, so far this morning, based on everyone who has come into the shop, it is tough!  At least in the upper area near the Hatchery where most of them were fishing. 

Monday, Jim and Dana out with our annual group from Texas.  Jim had Rick and Davis.  Jim said the cone head bugger pulled well with a low one generator going.  They also caught fish on the red midge and gray scud.  Dana had Taylor and Beau.  They were catching on the red midge, olive floozie and peach egg.  Caught fish all the way down to Fall Creek. 

Mike from Kansas spent Tuesday morning with Jim.  Fishing a little slow but they caught fish on the black midge, size 18 tan b-bug and gray scud.  Carolyn was out with Jim and Brad from Oklahoma.  This was the second day of the two-day school they were attending.  The morning before, they spent learning the various casts.  Jim was roll casting the entire belly section of his fly line within no time.  He said it was just like something they do when they are roping cattle.  Unbelieveable!  We worked on nymphing/midging, streamers and even dries.  Know they caught fish on every technique.  Wanted to make certain they knew how to rig up and fish various presentations.  Black and rusty zebras were working; the olive floozie on the intermediate sinking leader, a size 14 yellow hopper pattern in the skinny water where fish were working, and, after doing a seine check where we found lots of light tan/gray colored scuds, a size 16 light gray scud.  Noticed several pregnant scuds on the seine too.  Last, but not least, the holographic green crackleback, also working the shallows in the shade along the boat ramp bank.  Jim owns a ranch in Oklahoma and knows places and people out West with rivers running through their land .  Thought it was about time to learn how to fly fish so he could pack into some of those places and catch some fish on a fly rod.  I think he is going to do that some day.

Jim – 8/10/10

Brad – 8/10/10



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