Lovely Morning!

Wow!  Did it feel great walking out of the house this morning.  Mid-sixty degree temperature.  High today will be in the upper 80s or lower 90s.  More to come.  Had the generators off yesterday morning, but sorry to day, they have two running this morning and the level at 7:30 a.m. was 704.5.  They will probably keep it here until early afternoon, which is sort of what they had projected…..not quite so high this morning, but we know how that goes.

Sunday was a pretty good fishing day.  Jim had Tom and Cooper out for a half day float.  They work on techniques, especially dries and streamers, so their primary patterns were the black wooly bugger and a black ant.  Had a fun day and did well.  Carolyn had Rick and Krirtsi, from the St. Louis area out, also for a half day float.  They are getting ready to go to Alaska, so Kristi wanted some work on her casting as well as catching fish.  We pulled a few fish on the natural, size 8 sculpin pattern and the olive floozie.  Kristi caught a nice 17-18 inch rainbow.  Beautiful colors.  She had the picture on her camera, and we will post it when she sends it to us.  Action not fast and furious on these patterns so we changed out to a size 20 black midge.  Don’t know how many fish we pulled out of the skinny water on the north bank below the Rockin Chair entrance.  Set the depth between 16 and 18 inches and wondered what was wrong if we had a drift and no hit. 

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