More Fat Fish!

Still generating all day.  Started out with two this morning until around noon when they turned on one more.  However, the extra generator did not result in much change in the level.  It was 706.0 with two generators and is now 706.9 with three.  Overcast most of today with scattered light showers.  Expecting the same weather for tomorrow.  Will have to see this afternoon around 4:30 what the generation will be for tomorrow.

Another good day on the water yesterday.  Stan and a friend from Texas, Dan, went out around 11:30 a.m.  They caught a lot of nice, fat fish on the olive filoplume, holographic green crackleback, big ruby midge with a big hot pink midge dropper, and gray scud.  Caught fish on other patterns too, but these were the most consistent.  Gina had Valley, from Oklahoma, and one of her relatives, Tim, from Florida out all they.  They had a wonderful day on the "floozieplume" (can’t make up my mind on how to spell this one), gray scud and pink San Juan.  They too experimented with other patterns and caught fish, but these were the most successful. 

Valley – 7/7/10

Tim – 7/7/10

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