Lots of Boats Out the Past Few Days!

Still generating water 24/7.  Despite the heavy rain fall we had Tuesday, Table Rock Lake is holding at 917.8.  It has come down one foot since Saturday.  I am surprised it has not come up, and still might rise some, since they cut back the amount of water they are generating yesterday morning.  Don’t get too excited, the tailwater level is now fluctuating around 707.0 feet instead of the 710. plus we had most of last week and over the weekend.  After today, the rain possibilities will be out of the forecast until some time Monday.  We are hoping for that to disappear from the forecast!

Despite the rain and high water, fishing from the boats has been good.  Fishing up by the hatchery continues to be hot and cold.  Tan, camel or gray scuds, and the shammy worm are some of the better flies reported as catching fish in this area. 

Dana on the water Sunday with Cooper and his uncle, Lee.  Lee is new to fly fishing, and we think he liked it.  They caught fish on the red midge, peach egg and bug-eyed bugger. 

Sunday, Stan had Pete and his son-in-law, Tim, out for half a day.   Pete, who fishes here on his own quite a bit is from Oklahoma and wanted to learn how we fish the high water as well as watch his son-in-law learn the sport of fly fishing.  Think Stan accomplished both.  They both caught lots of fish on the big Ruby, Copper John and size 18 Ruby.  Water level was as 710.8 and it was 89 degrees outside.  Hot day!  Meanwhile, Jim and Darrell were both out with Wayne, Wain, Taylor and one other young man (sorry I can’t read his name).  Wayne is from Kansas and wanted to introduce this group to fly fishing.  He had fly fished many years ago and wants to get back into it.  Jim worked with his two young men on casting and everything else.  They boated several fish on the red midge with a pink San Juan dropper and worked the bug-eyed sculpin a bit.  Darrell’s guys caught their fish on the big Ruby with a small red midge dropper.  Wayne said this just might have to be an annual outting for them.

Monday, Mike, from Iowa, hit the water again.  This time with Stan.  He brought his brother-in-law, Earl to learn how to fly fish.  They had a good day on the big Ruby, size 18 ruby dropper and the holographic green crackleback.  Mike likes stripping cracklebacks.  Jim was out all day with Bob and Mary Ann from Jefferson City.  They have been fishing with us for at least seven years and go out a couple times a year.  They had a good day on the red midge, pink San Juan and bug-eye.  They have some top secret incident that occurred on this trip which none of them will divulge, and just had a really fun day.  Darrell had Ken and Candice from Tennessee, out for half a day.  Right out of the chute, Candice caught a beautiful 18 inch Rainbow and it was really fat!  They have pictures, so she can prove it.  They fished the red midge and the holographic green crackleback. 

Tuesday Jim had Dale out for a full day.  They were catching fish on the red midge, orange San Juan and bug-eye when they noticed a few dark clouds and thought they heard rumbling in the sky.  They noticed the fish slowing down on feeding and all of a sudden the sky opened up.  Heavy rain almost drowned the two of them!  Stan had the brothers, Dennie and Bob from Joplin out for a full day too.  They had been catching fish on the big ruby, #18 ruby, P&P and Copper John.  They headed for refuge at the Fall Creek boat dock, but when they got back to the shop, they all looked like drowned rats!  This was certainly a pop-up storm as it did not show up on radar until just a little before it hit.

Wednesday, the two brothers Dennie and Bob, were brave enough to go out with Stan for another full day.  Pretty well fished the same patterns and had another good day of fishing, laughing, and missin’.    Think they are headed for Alaska in a few months.  Watch out Alaska!  Matt from Oklahoma, went out with Jim for half a day.  He had a very good day on the red midge and orange San Juan.  Good quality fish. 




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