Dodged that Bullet!

Just a little over a week ago, we were hit with 6-8 inches of white stuff, depending on where you were in the Branson area.  We posted pictures on this site of our snow covered shop and drift boats!  Weather forecasters were projecting another "monster" snow fall for our area beginning Sunday night and running through yesterday.  As it turned out, it was a beautiful snow!  Define "beautiful snow".  It is a snow that covers everything with pure, white puffs of snow, EXCEPT the roads and not in the quantity predicted!  Everywhere you look, the leafless trees are white wisps pointing up toward the blue sky background while the cedar and pine trees are gently bending toward the ground under the weight of the snow covering.  It really is a beautiful sight.

Now, for the important stuff.  Beaver and Table Rock Lakes continue generation almost non-stop.  Beaver has shut down a couple of times for 5 to 6 hours early in the morning over the past four days, but otherwise, they are pretty much running near capacity.  Both lakes are less than two feet from normal power pool and probably would have been at power pool except for the run off we have been getting from the snow falls.  I am ready for Spring!

Not too many people fishing the past week.  Talked to one customer who had a great day by one of the outlets.  He said he caught lots of fish on a gray scud.  Even with the deep water, he was catching them as shallow as two feet and as deep at 6 feet.  One of the guys we know had been out over the weekend floating and did very well.  Said most of his better fish were caught below Fall Creek.  Darrell took an hour or so yesterday to toss some gray scuds, chamois leech and the red tungsten beadhead midge in around outlet two and caught several fish before he broke off.  Satisfied fish were still around, he roll up and found a place to warm up. 

Hey Louisiana friends….How About Those Saints!  Congratulations!

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