Record Brown Caught On Taneycomo September 4, 2019

WOW!  Check out the following for the article on one of our local guides catching a new record for the biggest brown.  It is just shy of the world record of 42 lbs. 10 ounces caught in New Zealand in 2019.

We are still seeing very warm days.  90s and humid both yesterday and again today.  Looks like we will continue to see this trend until the end of next week when it seems to be moving into the mid 80s.  Not much in the way of moisture in the forecasts.

Lots of fishing going on.  Still experiencing tough days and some okay days.  That time of the year.  We will continue catching fish, but we get spoiled from the Spring fishing when you’re catching lots of fish.  When the dissolved oxygen starts going down, numbers of fish to the net also go down.  As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, take some extra time with you fish when you land them.  Make certain they are totally revived.  They are fighting hard, but are exhausted by the time you get them to the net.  Starting to see quite a few dead fish on the bottom possibly due to poor releases.

Darren on the water last Saturday with Matt and Devin.  Not a lot of fish, but nice size.  Best pattern was the #18 black copperhead midge.

Sunday, Darren was back on the water again.  This time he had Todd and Scottie out for half a day.  A little better fishing this day on the P&P midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Fun day!

Carolyn had Bob from California out Tuesday.  Worked hard and caught some fish on the holographic green crackleback or drifting the cerise San Juan worm.

Jim – 9/4/19

Thursday, James, from North Carolina, spent the morning with Gina.  They found and landed some fish on the root beer midge and the red tungsten midge.  Jim was on the water with Tom from just outside Kansas City, MO.  They were catching on the JQ, ruby midge or a gray scud.

Today Jim took Joel out and they caught on the size 8 JQ streamer, the ruby midge or a gray scud.  Said it was a definitely better today on the water.



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