Ready For Fall! Enough 90 Degree Days!

We are still seeing 90s and the past few days it has been mid to upper 90s.  We’re ready for some relief.  Not much in the way of rain chances until late next week.  We’ll see.

Very little change in the generation pattern.  Low one unit until noon or 1:00 p.m.

Jim on the water last Friday with a couple of his regulars, Jim and Bob from up in Springfield.  Pretty good day for them on the JQ streamer or a gray scud.

Laura – 9/7/19

Carolyn had a new fly fishing lady, Laura, and her husband, Joe, on the water Saturday.  This was Laura’s day and she did well.  First fish on a fly rod!  Best patterns were the cerise San Juan worm, or a clown egg.  Drifted either of these under the big ruby as they had a unit going.

Jim and Janice from Chesterfield, fish with Darren on Sunday.  Fun time catching on the holographic green crackleback.  Carolyn fished with Dale from Texas that day.

Dale – 9/8/19

They had a good day.  It was another cerise San Juan worm or apricot supreme egg pattern under the big ruby.  Mainly, it was the egg pattern.

Bill and Dan from Platte City fished with Jim on Monday.  Pretty new so Jim worked with them on skills.  Caught a few fish on the size 8 JQ and a size 12 scud.

Wednesday, Jayson and Darren, (they just finished our 2-day Orvis School, fished with Jim.  Another JQ and scud day.




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