A Little Cooler Weather Ahead!

Hot out there this past week.  We do have some cooler days ahead.  Lows will be in the mid 50s and highs look like low to mid 80s.  Yeah!  Think the fish will appreciate this.  I know the fishermen will.

Pretty much same old, same old as far as water flow.  Low or no generation early then up to the equivalent of two units around 1:00 p.m. for several hours, then back to low or no generation through the night and into the next day.

Lots of fishing this past week.  Dana on the water last Tuesday with Doug and Karen from Minnesota.  These two are very active with an organization called Wildlife Forever.  Kind of slow day for them on the ruby 2, red San Juan worm and peach egg.  Stan and his guys,

Joe – 9/21/17

Noel and Gian had a good day on the ruby 2.  This was Gian’s first time with a fly rod and he really enjoyed it.  James started the first day of three days on the water with Joe.  Joe recently moved to Missouri and wanted to become familiar with fishing Taneycomo.  I think they accomplished this.  First day was a little slow on the ruby 2, big ruby and a peach

Jim – 9/20/17

egg.  Things picked up Wednesday and Thursday.  It was the P&P and ruby 2 on Wednesday, and ruby 2 and white mega worm on Thursday.

Wednesday Jim on the water with Carolyn Wednesday.  We worked hard but had a decent day on  the ruby 2 and apricot egg pattern.   Tom was on the water with Dana that morning and they were catching on an orange egg pattern, ruby 2 and peach egg pattern.

Two long-time friends, Adam and Mark spent Friday on the water with Carolyn.  They lucked into one of the better days.  Mark pulled a beautiful 19 inch rainbow out on a ruby 2 midge.

Mark – 9/22/17

A couple of Dana’s regular fishers, Ed and Rick fished with him Saturday.  Another better day on the ruby 2 and an orange egg.  Allen and Lisa, from South Dakota spent all day Saturday

Adam – 9/22/17

on the water with James.

Lisa – 9/23/17

Tough day, but they did catch some fish on the peach egg and ruby 2 midge.  Also out on Saturday were Terry and Kevin from Kansas.  The spent half a day on the water with Stan.  It was a “slow bite” for them but they brought in some nice fish on the ruby 2 and lightning bug.

Allen – 9/23/17

Sunday, Dana had Maria and Jordan fishing with him.  P&P, lightning bug and ruby 2 were working for them that day.   Gene  from Kansas was on the water with Stan Sunday.  Another “slow

Maria – 9/24/17

bite” day.  Really no best fly that day.

Jordan – 9/24/17






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