Ketchup Time Again!

Weather has been hot, especially for this time of the year, out there the past few days.  Upper 90s through the weekend, upper 80s Monday, mid 80s Tuesday.  Then, we go into the mid to upper 70s through Saturday with slight chances for rain early in the week.  By next weekend and into the following week, it will be low to mid 70s and lots of sunshine.  Sounds like a great way to start Fall.

Water generation the past three days plus today has been non-stop all day.  However, for the early part of the day, usually until noon or even 1:00 p.m., generation has been low (30-50 MWH).  At this level, there are wading opportunities up by the Hatchery or down below the boat ramp.

Just want to remind everyone again about the low dissolved oxygen levels.  Try not to over-play your fish to bring it in and make certain it is well revived before releasing into the water.  Keep it in you net in the water as much as you can.

Mike – 9/10/17

Okay, now to get caught up.  James on the water a week ago this past Sunday with Mike from Kansas.  This was one of those slower than normal days, but Mike did bring in a beautiful 18 inch rainbow on a ruby 2 midge.  He also caught several on the tiger tail.

A week ago this past Tuesday, Gina took a couple of the ladies from the RRWFF Club out for the day.  Good day for them Tuesday on the ruby 2, P&P, lightning bug and Tiger Tail.

Valley – 9/12/17

Fun day and belated birthday celebration for Valley, AND the fish cooperated to help her celebrate.  Wednesday, Valley had to go back to the real world…  So, it was just Paula who fish with Gina.  Wednesday was tough.  Caught fish mainly on the ruby 2.  Carolyn had Jerry on the water that day.  His wife Margaret rode along to enjoy the day and it was a beautiful day.  It was pretty much a ruby 2 day for us too.

Spanky – 9/13/17

Wednesday, Stan’s oldest (in years fishing with him) fisher, Doc, and his friend Terry, were on the water with him for half a day.  Another slow bite day, but they managed to have a fair day…..again, on the ruby 2.  These two always have a fun day no matter what they are doing.

Mitch from Indiana, spent half a day on the water with James last Thursday.   This was Mitch’s first experience catching fish on a fly rod.  Pretty good start using the ruby 2.

Mitch – 9/14/17

Aaron and his father, Joe, spent last Friday morning fishing with Dana.  Dana had them fishing a beaded red San Juan worm, orange egg pattern and the ruby 2 midge.  A group of

Jeff – 9/15/17

guys from the Ozark Fly Fishing Club out of St. Louis, MO. were in town last weekend and a few of them fish with us on Friday and Saturday.  Friday, James had Jeff and Alan.  Pretty good day for them on a lightning bug, ruby 2 and peach egg pattern.  Carolyn had Edward and John out that day.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 midge under a lightning bug.  Edward caught his best fish that day stripping a holographic green crackleback.

John – 9/15/17

Saturday was another good day for everyone.  This day, Mel and Alan were on the water with James and they fished pretty much the same

Alan – 9/16/17

patterns.   Edward was

Mel – 9/16/17

on the water again with Carolyn and this day Jim filled the second spot in the boat.  Another ruby 2 under the lightning bug.  This was Edward’s day as he landed a nice 20-1/2″ rainbow.

Sunday, John and Bob

Edward – 9/16/17 – 20-1/2″ rainbow

spent the day on the water with Carolyn.  Worked hard for fish but managed for have a respectable

John – 9/17/17

day on the ruby 2 midge.

Newly weds (about one year now), Ramona and Bryan spent Monday on the water with Carolyn.  They had a good day on the ruby 2 under an apricot egg pattern, or stripping the tiger tail or holographic green crackleback on 5 or 7 ips sinking leaders.  It was a beautiful day weather wise and the fishing just made it the perfect day.  Bryan has created a monster.

Ramona – 9/18/17




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