Nothing Like A Fall Morning!

Sun rise over Mount Branson

Coming to work this morning was beautiful.  This picture doesn’t even do it justice!  However, it was gorgeous and what a shot in the arm to see such a beautiful sun rise.  Nice crisp morning with the temperature in the mid 50s.  Nice weather today and tomorrow.  Tuesday we are looking at slight chances for thunderstorms in the morning with temperature in the mid 80s.  More chances for rain on Wednesday with temperatures staying in the low 80s into the weekend.  Drop in temperatures for next week.  Actually seeing upper 60s and low 70s in that forecast.  Lows will be in the low 50s.

Generation schedule has been spastic over the past seven days.  On most of the morning, then a big spike early afternoon, or off for the morning, then a spike for the afternoon, then off again, or off, up, then down….it’s been interesting.  Life in a tailwater!

Bonnie – 9/25/17

Really tough day last Monday.  Jan, from Oklahoma who has fished with me many times over the years and is an excellent fisher, brought her sister to learn how to fly fish and catch

Jan – 9/25/17

some fish.  We managed to catch some fish, but the ladies worked hard for every one of them.  Glad to say, Bonnie caught a nice 17 inch rainbow for her introduction to fly fishing.  It was a ruby 2 all morning.  May have been a tough day, but as you can see, the fish were beautiful.

Carol from Texas had taken one of our fly fishing clinics several years ago and decided to come back with her husband Andy and try our fishery.   They spent the morning on the river with

Carol – 9/26/17

Gina.  They caught several fish on the ruby 2 either under a big ruby or chartreuse egg pattern.

Andy – 9/26/17

Jim was on the water Wednesday with Gina.  Not bad fishing until the water started up.  Fished the tan filoplume, ruby 2 midge and red soft hackle.  Pretty slow bite on the midge.

Thursday, Stan took Don and his wife Cindy out for half a day.  It was a good day for them.  Cindy caught several fish (said she also caught several other things…trees, rocks, etc.).  Bottom line though, she caught more fish than other things!  P&P was their fly all morning.  No generation but a little windy that day.  Carolyn had three ladies taking the first day of our River Run 2-day fly fishing school.  One of then, Laura, had taken the course with her husband a year ago.  She talked her friend, Alicia and Alicia’s daughter,

Alicia’s 1st on fly rod – 9/29/17

Hannah into taking the course and she joined them for a refresher.  They spent the morning in classroom learning about gear, leaders, tippet, bugs, tying knots, and other related stuff.  Afternoon was spent working on various casting techniques.  Quick learners, they were ready for the water!

So Friday, it was to the water.  As luck would have it, first thing in

Laura – 9/29/17

the morning the water was off so Gina joined us to take Laura fishing, and Carolyn worked with Hannah and Alicia.   We were able to get the group into the water wading so they would get the experience of wade fishing like they would be doing on their own.  We did manage to catch some fish just below the rebar area on the P&P and black copperhead midges before they decided to turn on the water.  Four generators on the start up which dirtied up the water and made it a little more difficult.  After an hour or so, it was shut back to the equivalent of two units, so fishing was a little easier.  Caught a few fish on a cerise San Juan worm after the water came on.  After it settled down, it was a P&P or ruby 2.  Fun day!  Stan on the water with Kevin from Kansas.  As with the group of ladies, it

Hannah’s 1st on fly rod – 9/29/17

was a tough day with the erratic water flow.  He did catch several fish on the ruby 2 and had a great time.

Linda and Dwight fished with Dana Saturday.  Good day for them on the ruby 2 under an orange egg.  Dwight caught his first trout on a fly rod.

Dwight’s Rainbow – 9/30/17


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