Stripper Does the L’il Easy!

Typical July weather, except we have have over five inches of rain this month.  Looks like it will continue to be mostly sunny and hot until the weekend when we have a chance of showers.  That’s a long way off, so it remains to be seen.  Generation pattern this past week was on all day except for Tuesday morning when the generators were off until 1:00 p.m.  This weekend we had no generation until early afternoon both days.  This was great!  

Kelton – 7/16/10

Friday, Darrell was out for 1/2 a day with James and Kelton from Arkansas.  They had a good trip on the holographic crackleback and the big Ruby midge, both before and after they turned on the water.  Stan half half a day with Kurt, from Oklahoma, and David from Kansas.  Both these guys are pretty new to the sport and did well on the natural colored worm under a size 14 gray scud.  They did best on the holographic green crackleback under the intermediate sinking line. 

Saturday, Carolyn had Rick and Kristy from the St. Louis area out for what wound up to be a full day wade/float.  They had a great time on the primrose & pearl midge, callibaetis soft hackle size 18, olive floozieplume, and scuplin patterns.  Wish we could have stuck all the hits we had on the sculpin, but they were short taking several of the hits.  Wasted no time, however, on the other patterns.  When the water came on about 1:00 p.m. the rise fished very good with the primrose & pearl and our high-water go to setup, the big hot pink midge with a hot pink San Juan dropper.  That’s when we decided to ride out the rise and make it a full day.  Fished great the rest of the day as we picked up several more on the high-water go to setup and the floozieplume.   Jim had Price and Marge from Kansas out for half a day.  They did well on the size 18 rusty or black midges with the size 22 blood worm dropper.  As always, they had a great time with Jim.

Sunday, we saw one of our customers who has greatly cut back on his fishing time since "the twins".  Good to see him with a fly rod in his hand again!.  Mario, from the Springfield area, brought his father, Mario, so the two of them could spend a half a day fishing with Stan.  This was Mario Senior’s first time with a fly rod.  With a little instruction he did land his first fish on a fly rod.  They did well on the primrose & pearl and purple size 18 midges.   And then there was the Stripper, Albert and James Albert from Louisiana.  They were on the water all day with Darrell and Carolyn.  The guys were catching fish on almost anything they tried, but best were the primrose & pearl and purple midges, size 18 with the water off.  Then the ruby, size 12 when the water came on.  Meanwhile, the Stripper and Carolyn spotted fish feeding in about 1-1/2 feet of water and started throwing soft hackles and the L’il Easy at them.  What a hoot watching the wake of the fish as they chased the L’il Easy to eventually take it!   Also did well on the floozieplume and sculpin patterns.  High-water setup worked when the water came on, but the water was so gunked up and dirty, it was hard keeping a clean fly in the water.  Did pick up some more on the drift out, but nothing like we had done with the low water.


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