Beautiful Weekend!

This weather has been absolutely gorgeous!  Can’t last much longer.  It is in the 70s today and we will be upper 60s tomorrow.  Friday and Saturday are low 60s, then upper 50s for Sunday.  Right now it looks like we will see rain Monday and Tuesday with temperatures in the low 50s Monday and mid 40s Tuesday.  Mid 50s for the rest of that week.

Generators on for a couple hours Saturday morning and again late Sunday afternoon.  Monday we had generators in the morning and they shut down early afternoon.  Tuesday they came on for four hours in the morning.  Generators on this morning and shut down around 1:00 p.m.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation all day with an exception of one unit for one hour around 7:00 p.m.

What a weekend!  Over 30 ladies with River Runners Women’s Fly Fishing Club showed up at the shop Friday night.  We all sat around and caught up on what everyone has been doing since we last got together.  Saturday morning, after they turned the generators off, we headed to the river.  Great day on the water for everyone.  With the little generation we had that morning, fishing was wonderful!  Lots of nice fish for the ladies.  Saturday night it was dinner at the Pour House.  Sunday, more fishing and catching!

Monday, Dana had Brian from Oklahoma on the water.  Caught some fish on the Ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Lewis with 21-1/2″ rainbow – 11/14/23

Tuesday, Carolyn took Lewis, also from Oklahoma, out for half a day.  Started out with a couple units running.  Worked the drift and caught several fish on the red San Juan worm dropped under the big ruby.  Once it dropped out, we found a good spot and had a really good day catching on the Ruby 2 midge dropped under the Rusty midge.  When they slowed down on that combo, it was the P&P under the Rusty midge.  Several nice fish, but the best fish of the day was a 21-1/2″ rainbow.


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