Beautiful Weather!

We had a couple of gorgeous days!  Temperatures in the 80s!  April 1st was a nice day but winds were terrible!  Looks like we will see some nasty weather this evening and maybe into tomorrow morning.  After that, it’s 60s and 70s into next week and probably 80s later into next week.

No change in generation.  We have 4 generators and two gates open 24/7.  This will probably continue on for a while as we are 5-3/4 feet over power pool.

Dana on the water last Friday and Saturday with Cody and Jeff from Oklahoma.  Friday. was good for them and they were catching on the big ruby.  Saturday was the windy day and they would no sooner get a good drift when the wind blew it away!  Hooked some and brought in a few on the black wooly bugger.

Bill – 4/3/223

Monday Dana took Bill and Craig

Craig’s fish – 4/3/23

out for half a day.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2 midge.

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