Table Rock is Turning

Have had some pretty nice days.  Temperatures in the 50s and very little wind.  Did get some rain Thursday and again yesterday evening.  Tomorrow should be in the upper 50s and Tuesday in the 60s!  However, Wednesday and Thursday look like mid 40s…..then back into the 50 for a few days.

Very little generation over the weekend.   One or two units for a few hours here and there and then off for the balance of the day.  Water has been off color for a while after they run the generators and we are seeing much improvement in the dissolved oxygen level in Taneycomo.  Thus, the statement that Table Rock is turning.  This process takes several days, but once it is all settled and done, fishing should start being more consistent.

Marek and Gillian fished with Darren Tuesday afternoon after the generators shut down.  Lots of oxygen and good fishing.  Black copperhead and ruby 2 midges!

Dana on the water last Wednesday with Robert, and his mother, Brenda.  These folks from Illinois took the Orvis school here at River Run back in 2021.  Came back to practice some of what they learned.  Good day for them on the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges.

Jim and Blake from Louisiana, fished with Jim last Friday.  They had fished with him the previous Monday and wanted to do it

Matt – 11/25/22

again!  Black copperhead and ruby midges with blood worm dropper were their best patterns.  Dana had Matt and Jeff out for

Jeff – 11/25/22

the morning.  Another black copperhead and ruby 2 midge day.  Carolyn had one of her regular, regulars, Dean on the water.  Tough day for them.  Roe egg pattern and black copperhead midge got them a few fish.

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