Really Cool Mornings On The Water

We have had a few really cool mornings the past three days but it looks like it is going to warm up over the next week and then take another nose dive the following week.

Basically, no change in the generation pattern.  Off during the morning hours then two or three units for a while during the afternoon.  Back off for the evening into the next day.  Weekends, off most of the day.

A few really tough days this past week.  Thursday, Jim had some regulars, John and Mike on the water in the morning.  They landed a few fish on the black copperhead midge or a gray scud.  Jim said they worked their butts off for a few fish.  Dana had Russell from Texas out for the morning and it was very, very slow for him.

Friday, definitely a much better day.  Dan and Nyla fished with Jim.  Copperhead black midge and gray scud worked that day and they had a good day.  Dana had Arlan and Rick on the water.  Good day for them on the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges.

Arlan and Rick back on the water with Dana Saturday and it was a different day.  Good news on this day was that they caught some dry fly flinging a hopper pattern!  Fun city!  Jim had a couple fairly new fly fishers, Joe and Steve, on the water.  Caught a few fish on the gray scud and copperhead black midge.

Good days, tough days are probably the result of when and how much liquid oxygen they are injecting.  The oxygen level is and will continue to be low for the next several weeks.  Lots of fishing pressure as they big browns are coming up for spawn.  We again encourage everyone to make certain your catches are in good shape before you release them ad we are seeing several dead fish in the water.  Take that picture quickly and leave the fish in the water until you are ready to take a quick photo of it.


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