No Generators During Morning & Early Afternoon!

No generators and the weather continues to be beautiful.  The only negative is the wind.   Lots of wind the past several days.  But, sunny and 70s & 80s into next week.

As I said, zero generation.  They turned the 17 mwh off yesterday at noon.  Stayed off until around 3:00.  Same thing today.  Zero generation with two units coming on at 3:00.  Tomorrow more of the same.

Caleb’s 1st on fly rod

Carolyn on the water Monday with Carl and Caleb from Nebraska.  Fun day and lots of fish.  This was Caleb’s first time with a fly rod and after a little instruction, he did great.  Ruby 2 under the big ruby.

Tuesday, Jim took Brian and Brett out for half a day.  Good day for them on the ruby, hot5 hare’s ear and the miracle scud.

Jaimi – 9/27/22

Carolyn had John and Jaimi out again.

John – 9/27/22

Good day for these two on the ruby 2 midge.

Mark from Michigan spent half a day with Dana Wednesday.  Lost and broke off on more than they got to the boat.  They were fishing the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges.  Jerry fished with Jim.  Good day for them on the ruby midge and hot hare’s ear.  They did the full run and Jim wished he had done otherwise as they shut down the lot generation at noon.  Carolyn was out with MJ and rowed back up to the put in.  On the way up, since the generation stropped, they stopped at the narrows below the ramp.   It was “fish on” on the ruby 2 but mainly the white mop fly.

Today, reports are great for all those fishers in the water.











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