Lots of New Fly Fishers!

Looks like mild temperatures for the coming week.  Slight chances of rain Friday and Monday.  But mid 80s are the forecast.

They continue to have low water during the morning hours.  Over the weekend again, it was low all day both days.  This trend will probably continue as we are pretty low in Table Rock.

Carolyn had Jessica and Brent from Oklahoma on the water last Monday.  Brent has fly fished but Jessica is brand new.  We worked on skills a little before we drifted the banks.  Best patterns were the black copperhead midge and an orange egg pattern.

Tuesday, Dana took Alisha and Chase out for half a day.  Chase has been fly fishing, but this was Alisha’s second time.  Again, the water was low during the morning, so they stayed above the boat ramp.  Caught fish on the ruby 2 and black copperhead midges under the big ruby.

John and his friend Delmar fished with Carolyn Wednesday.  Neither really fished much but they wanted to try their hand at fly fishing.  It was another orange egg pattern day.

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