Lots Of Low Water Days!

Lots of beautiful weather.  Temperatures have been in the low 80s.  We will start to see a little increase in temperatures over the next few days so we will see low to mid 90s next week.  No major rain chances.

We continue to see very low water during the morning and early afternoon hours….17 mwh which is about 1200 cfs or, approximately a foot and a half elevation in the the water level from no generation.

For information,  the DO (dissolved oxygen) is low.   This is an event that happens every year and generally lasts until Table Rock Lake turns.  They are injection liquid oxygen as needed, so the fish are doing okay.  These fish will fight hard when hooked.   Wouldn’t you?  We always want to take care and make certain our fish are good before we release them, but right now it is even more important to take a little extra time and make certain they are okay.  Many times, you release them after a long, hard fight and they swim off a little ways and roll over.  Take that little extra time to make certain they are fully revived.  We have been seeing quite a few dead fish laying on the bottom when we are out on our guides trips.

Jim on the water Monday with Ted and his son, Brian.  They had a good half day on the JQ streamer and the black midge.  Darren had Alex and Jane out.  They had a good day also.  They were fishing a rusty or olive midge.

Wednesday, Mike fished with Dana again (he was out Monday).  Not as good a day as Monday but good.  It was the ruby 2, copperhead black, or rusty midge for them.

Fly tying clinics starting up in December this year.  Check “Fly fishing school/fly tying” on our front page for dates and schedule.


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