Cooling Down A Little!

Temperatures look like upper 80s through the weekend.  Slight chances for rain Saturday and Sunday.

For the most part, they have had the generators off during the morning hours then firing up two units around noon and four an hour later.  However, this past Sunday, they ran two units all day despite the projection for no generation most of the day!

Brenda – 8/24/21

Carolyn on the water last Tuesday with Brenda and Tom from Arizona.  Tom hooked up quickly with a size 18 scud but not to the net.  Brenda landed one on a rusty midge, then another stripping the holographic green midge.  Moved on down river and they both caught a few more on the rusty midge with a scud dropper.  Two units came on so it was head on down stream.  The cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby caught a few with only two units on the drift out.

Friday, Carolyn had Jim and Luke out for half a day.  No generation so it was to the Rockin Chair area to wade.  Tried several different scud/midge combinations with no luck.  Finally put on the natural mini sculpin and they started getting hits.  Several on then off but did bring a few to the net on the sculpin.

Darren out Saturday with Dean from Kansas.  No generation so they headed across from the boat ramp.  Managed to get a few in on a size 24 midge and an 18 scud.

Carolyn had Chris and Susan out Sunday for the second day of their two-day fly fishing school.  Susan landed her first fish on a fly rod on a size 14 gray scud under the big ruby!  Think she’s hooked!


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