Seeing Some Lower Flows And Fishing Is Very Good!

Weather in a word is “hot!”.  Plus the slight chances for rain almost every day means it’s humid and that doesn’t help a bit!  Expecting upper 80s and low 90s into the weekend.  Slight chances for rain every day.

We have been seeing at least one unit on some days then ramping up to a low two and finally a full two or three units by early afternoon.

Jim – 6/6/21

Darren on the water last Sunday with Jim from the St. Louis area.  Good day for them on the ruby 2 under a tungsten surveyor.

Monday, Gary had a group from Topeka, Kansas who wanted to learn how to cast.  He worked with them on casting, then let them try their new-learned skill to hook a few fish.  Jim and his sons, Chris and Zach caught a few fish on the mop fly and a gray scud.

Chris from Texas, fished with Jim last Tuesday.  They were catching on a size 8 JQ streamer until the water came on a noon and trashed up everything.

Stephanie – 6/9/21

Wednesday, Carolyn took Bill and Stephanie out for half a day.  Picked fish steadily all morning.  They did well on the cerise San Juan worm under the big ruby and had

Bill – 6/9/21

lots of fun strippping the JQ streamer with a holographic green crackleback.   Darren had a fisher from Oklahoma, Nim, who wanted to do a little something different, so Darren took him to Crane Creek.  Fished a bead head pheasant tail nymph and caught several, wonderful McCloud trout and Nim was ready to call it a day.

Thursday was a fun day for John from St. Louis.  He fished half a day with Carolyn.  She had him catching on the cerise San Juan worm or the ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.  Also got to catch some on the JQ streamer with the crackleback trailer.  Jim was out

Nelson – 6/10/21

with one of his regulars, Chris.  Haven’t seen him for a while so this was nice.  Jim had Chris catching fish pulling the JQ streamer all morning.  A fly fisher from Colorado, Nelson, fished with Dana.  They had a good day on the black copperhead or ruby 2 midges under the Cerise San Juan.

Friday, it was Jim on the water with Nick from Kansas.  Good day for them on the JQ streamer.  Carolyn had Dean and his daughter Jamie on the water.  Dean had finished the Orvis 2-day fly fishing school in April,

Dean – 6/11/21

fell in love with fly fishing and wanted to share this with his daughter.  Worked a little with Jamie on roll casting and the regular cast.  Short session on line

Jamie – 6/11/21

management and mending and Jamie was off!  They both had a great and fun day on the water.  Cerise San Juan worm or ruby 2 midge under the big ruby.  Several doubles!

Great day for Darren Saturday.  Wayne and Diana from Forsyth were having fun and catching on  ruby 2 or P&P midges.  They had a couples double for their last casts of the day!


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