Wow! Tons of Shad

Nice day today, but the weather folks say have a cold front coming through later today which will run into Thursday.  Tomorrow’s high will be in the upper 50s.  Thursday might make mid 50s with the morning in the 30s.  Good news is that Friday will go back into the 60s with upper 60s Saturday and low 70s by Sunday.  About a 30% chance for rain tomorrow and then nothing for a while.

Finally turned off the five spillways and pulled the generators back to the equivalent of two.  Yeah!

Sunday when several of us were on the river, it was a flood of shad.  Must have come over the spillways as they were swimming all over the place of there were tons of them just floating at various levels.  The fish had more food than they could handle!  Jim and Carolyn had a family from Mississippi on the river.  Jim had the guys, David and his daughter’s friend, Cole.  Carolyn had the ladies, Brit and

Makenna – 3/28/21

Makenna.  These two were brand new and wanted to learn a little about fly fishing so we spent some time learning the roll cast as well as the pick up and down cast.  With all the shad in the water, the fish could have cared less about what we were doing.  However, the ladies worked hard and did manage to bring a few fish to

Brit – 3/28/21

the boat on the white mega worm under the big ruby.  It was the ladies’ day!  One of our regulars, Mike, was on the water with Dana.  They also brought in a few fish on the mega worm or the lightning bug under the ruby ruby.  Not only was the abundance of food a challenge that day, the wind did us no

Mike – 3/28/21

favors.  At one time, with five spillways and three generators rolling, I was bring blown up stream by the wind!!


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