How About This Weird Weather?!?!?

Weird weather.  This morning when I woke up it was 36 degrees.  Yesterday it was in the 50s!  Think our high today was 42 and yesterday we were in the low 70s!  Oh well, this too will change.  Tomorrow we are supposed to see mid 50s and low 60s Saturday.  Mid 60s Sunday through Monday.  Seeing low 70s by next weekend!

We are in our fourth day of five spillways and three generators for a total release of almost 15000 cfs.  Projection for tomorrow is for more of the same and I imagine we will continue seeing this level for several more days!  Table Rock Lake is two and three quarter feet above power pool.

Jim on the water Tuesday with Kyle and Brennan from Tennessee.  Fairly new fly fishers and the conditions were tough.  They fished the JQ streamer and a ruby midge.  Dana and Carolyn had a family from Iowa on the water.  Dana had Jim and his son, Luke, and Carolyn took Trisha and Keira.  Everyone was brand new.  Good day to work on casting as catching was not good.  Fished lots of patterns, ruby, with ruby 2 dropper, white mega worm, gray scuds, lightning bug, crackleback, salmon and yellow egg patterns.  No magic button!

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