A Little Wet Around Here!

Quite a bit of rain the past few days and we are expecting some more today.  Hopefully, it is dry Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday is currently showing a 60% chance for some more rain.  Then the chances go way down until next week.  Temperatures Monday and Tuesday are going to be low 70s!  Low 60s by Tuesday then several cooler days.

Needless to say, with all this rain, Table Rock lake has come up about 1-1/2 feet since Friday.  It will be at power pool (915′) this morning.  It will definitely come up some more but how much depends on how much rain we get yet today.

With all the rain, they have increased the generators to two units at this time.  Darren on the water Friday with Lou and Mary from Illinois.  Tough day!  They worked hard for a few hits.

Yesterday, Ron and his friend Brad, fished with Darren.  Another tough day, but they did land some fish on the eggstacy egg and a San Juan worm.

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