Low One Unit Today!

Pretty cool and overcast today.  We even had a short bout of sleet!  Sunday looks like low 50s with chances for rain, especially in the evening and into Monday.  Monday is saying upper 50s, but rain.  A cool down Tuesday and Wednesday.  Upped 30s to l0w 40s.  By Next weekend, we might see low to mid 50s and no rain.

Today, tomorrow and Monday, the generation is showing a low one unit.  This raised the water about 2 feel or just a little more.  Generation was as projected today, so we can hope the schedule holds true to the projection.  Only thing that could change that is the rain forecast for Sunday night and into Monday.  If the lake goes up, they might increase the releases.

Because of the low generation today, quite a few people were in the water fishing.  Sounds like it was pretty good, especially on midges and scuds.

Dana on the river Wednesday with Preston and his daughter, Raegan.  Slow day for them, but they did get some fish to the boat on the ruby 2 and ruby midges, and a red San Juan worm.  They also lost a couple really nice ones.

With this nice weather we are getting here and there in January you better get in the river and catch a few fish!



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