Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable new year.  Weather went a little “south” for the New Year.  We had cold rain but most areas west, north and east of us had freezing rain, snow, and/or sleet.  Today is another cold day with chances of cold rain or snow.  Good news is that Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all look like they will be in the 50s.  Then 40s set in again for a few days with slight chances of some type of moisture.

Generation  schedule has been pretty steady with the equivalent of one or a low one unit running every day.  Yesterday, however, around 3:00 p.m. they cranked on three units for several hours and still have a little more than two units running today.  Must have some power needs somewhere as the projection through the weekend was the equivalent of a low one unit.

John – 12/27/20

Darren on the water last Wednesday with John and Jamie.  They blew up and down the river catching on the red San Juan worm with

Jamie – 12/27/20

the tungsten bead, the copperhead black and silver black midges.  Don’t remember what the wind speeds were, but it was vicious!

Needless to say, after putting on my gear to hit the water for the first time in 2021, I was a tad upset to find out they turned on three units.  However, as tradition would have it, gotta be standing in the water and fishing on the first day of the New Year.  Found a way to get down to the creek that comes in on the north side of the river upstream from the boat ramp.   Not much room, but there is a descent seam on that bend so I put on my big ruby with a ruby 2 dropper and roll cast it into the river.  Good drift down and “bam” first fish of the New Year on my first cast.  Hummmm, it

First Fish of 2021!

might be a good day after all.  Several more casts and nothing but I persisted.  Finally, hooked another one, missed a couple, hooked the tree upstream from me, missed another, then hooked another.  Few more nothing drifts, then a take which I missed and sent my flies into the tree again.  Okay!  I have had a good day and rolled everything up and went back to work.  Happy New Year!

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