Water Still Off Every Morning!

Beautiful weather and beautiful water.  Temperatures mostly in the upper 80s the past few days.  Looks like a warm up and we will see mid 90s for a few days then upper 80s to low 90s from Wednesday through the weekend.  Slight chances for rain by mid week.  Think it is probably that hurricane heading for Louisiana early next week.

Generators continue to be off every morning.  Most days it has been coming on at noon.  There have been a few days where it was as early as 11:00 a.m. or as late as 1:00 p.m.  They eventually bump it up to all four units for three to four hours during the afternoon.

Just a note as to the condition of the river.  The oxygen levels in Taneycomo during the morning hours while the water is off is extremely low.  Our levels are actually lower for this time of the year than last year.  The fish are still healthy looking and giving us a good fight.  However, if you don’t take a little extra time and make certain they are in good shape before you release them, they just might swim away and roll over!  Please take a little more time in releasing your fish.

Ryan & Robert – 8/17/20

Last Monday, Robert and his son, Ryan spent the morning on the water with Carolyn.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2, #18 gray scud, red San Juan worm, and a black wooly bugger.  Gina was on the water with one of her regulars, Billy.  Monday was a tiger tail or charcoal sculpin, or a black copperhead midge.  Billy fished

Bill – 8/17/20

again on Tuesday and this was it was only a Wendell wooly, size 14.  Fun couple of days both catching and the weather.

Thursday, Darren took Tom and his wife, Kimmy out.  Tom wanted to get Kimmy hooked on fly

Kimmy & Tom – 8/20/20

fishing and hopefully, they succeeded.  She caught fish on a #20 scud and the white mega worm.  Fun day for both!  Dana

Justin – 8/21/20

was on the water with Justin from Texas.  They caught fish Thursday on the b-bug.  Justin had such as good time, he decided to hit it again on Friday.  Friday was even a better day catching on

Tommy – 8/21/20

cracklebacks.  Tommy and his son, Will, fished with Gina on Friday.  They had a good day on

Will – 8/21/20

the black wooly, pine equirrel sculpin and Wendell’s wooly.  Peter and his friend, Charlie, fished with Carolyn.  They got off to a slow start, but finally started picking up fish on a #20 gray scud, a tan B-bug, or stripping the black wooly bugger.

Saturday, Dana took Brian and Anita from Oklahoma out for half a

Jeanne – 8/23/20

day.  They had a slow day but caught some on the copper dun midge.  It was a slow day for scudding or midging.  The only thing

Chris – 8/212/20

the fish were really good on were various streamers.  Gina had Jeanne and her son Chris out.  They started early and had a good day stripping the mini sculpin or Wendell’s woolie.  Meanwhile, Carolyn took Rich and his sons, Eli and Kaylor out for the morning.  Rich and Eli took a one-day clinic with us a couple of weeks ago and they have already fished

Rich – 8/23/20

with us a couple times since.  This was Kaylor’s, who is seven, first time with a fly rod.  He is getting his fly into the water where he needs to and getting a good drift.

Eli & Kaylor – 8/22/20

Unfortunately, the fish were pretty picky on what they wanted.  Rich and Eli were both stripping the mini sculpin and catching.  Kaylor took on the position of “official netter”.  He was netting their fish and going a good job!


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