Spillways Closed!

Nice warm weather for several days.  30% or less chances of rain over the next several days.  However, by next Monday night, chances increase due to a tropical storm forming in the southern Gulf of Mexico.  After that, it’s back to low chances again.  Let’s hope so as we really don’t need any more rain to fill up the lakes.

For the next few days, The White River Reservoirs will be a transitioning from surcharge operations to “normal flood operations”  This will mean that the lakes in our system will reduce releases and begin passing inflow to maintain one foot below the top of flood pool.  The immediate affect of this has been the closing down of the spillways and they are currently running four units at 9900 cfs.  In the near future, releases will increase from Bull Shoals and Norfork.  Bottom line is that we will probably see a lot of water for several weeks.

Aubrey – 5/30/20

Aubrey and Shane from Sedalia spent half a day on the water with Dana last Saturday.  That

Shane – 5/30/20

was the day they opened up the spillways right about noon.  Made fishing a little tough, but they did catch fish on the copperhead black midge, ruby 2 and P&P.

Monday we had four generators and four spillways open.  Jim took David and Ed out for half a day.  Good day for them on the big ruby, hot hare’s ear and

Cannon – 6/1/20

stripping the JQ streamer.  Meanwhile, the rest of the guides were on

Chris – 6/1/20

the river with a three-generation group of new fly fishers

Mark – 6/1/20

from Louisiana.  What a great

group and fun day.  Darren on the water with Chris and Cannon.  They

Parker – 6/1/20


catching on the white mega worm.  Dana’s guys, Mike and Aiden were using a ruby 2 and the red

d-rib midges.  Gina had her guys, Mark and Parker, throwing

Keith – 6/1/20

the cerise worm under the big ruby and eventually stripping a JQ streamer.  Keith and Wayne were

Wayne – 6/1/20

with Carolyn catching on the white mega worm and the ruby 2 under a big ruby.  And before some of the fishers

Group Lunch time

headed out, it was group lunch time!


Tuesday, Darren and Carolyn took

Bruce – 6/2/20

another group out.  Bruce and Dennie fished the half day with Carolyn.  Started out kind of slow.  White mega worm attracted nothing, so we finally started catching on the big ruby and ruby 2.  Darren and his guys, John and Adam tried the white worm and various midges with little luck.

John – 6/2/20

Picking a few fish here and there but not as well as we would like it.  Finally everyone switched out to the Tiger Tail on a 4 ips sinking

Adam – 6/2/20

leader and started catching.  Finished off the trip with a bang!

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