Dry Weekend Ahead!

After we get through today and tomorrow, it looks like we might see a weekend and several more days past the weekend without rain!  Plus the temperatures are going to be in the 80s and possibly low 90s.  We need lots of hot, sunny days to dry us out.

Unfortunately, all the lakes in the White River System are at or only slightly below flood pool.  They were supposed to open the spillways on Table Rock yesterday.  So far, they have only opened up the spillways on Beaver and Bull Shoals dams. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before our spillways are opened.  In the meantime, they only have one unit going so fishing should sill be good and doable.

Jim on the water Monday with Jason and his son, Andrew.  Good day for them until the water trashed up after they turned on the generators.  That’s the only bad thing when the generators are completely off for several hours…..the water really trashes up when

Oliver – 5/25/20

they fire up a couple units.  Best patterns were the copperhead black midge with a blood worm dropper.  Meanwhile, Carolyn had Rick and his grandson, Oliver, on the water.  Started out pretty slow.  Oliver had three hits and misses on

Rick – 5/25/20

a black copperhead midge.  Rick hook one on the ruby 2.  Couple fishers upstream from us hook a fish each and that was about it, so we decided to move.  Moved downstream a little ways and put was able to put Oliver on the fish.  He is doing well at getting his line out, mending, hooking and

Rick & Oliver w/one of their doubles – 5/25/20

bringing in the fish!  Fun day with these two.  Couple doubles!









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