Cold, Wet Weather Right Now!

Don’t feel too bad being stuck at home today.  It’s dreary, cold, and wet.  Rained overnight and it won’t get out of the 40s today! A little warmer tomorrow but early next week is going to be gorgeous!  Monday will be mid 70s, with Tuesday and Wednesday in the low 80s.  Good time to get in your car and go for a drive to see that trees that are blooming everywhere.  On my way home from the shop a couple days ago, I noticed that all the red bud trees are in full bloom.  Seems like they are everywhere!  AND, today I noticed that the dogwoods are just starting to bloom.  They will be beautiful in just a ouple more days.  So, like I said, stay safe, get into your car and go see all theses beautiful trees.

Still running 10 spillways and 3 units.  Probably no change for at least a couple more weeks.

Give us a call if you need anything to keep tying.  We should all have a good supply of flies once we are able to get out and about again!!!


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