Lots of Rain Right Now!

As if we need some more rain, we have had rain off and on for the past couple days.  Some of it has been really heavy!  Supposed to be through here today with no rain Friday or Saturday.  Sunday we have a 50% chance for some more, but back to zero Monday, then slight chances again on Tuesday.  Temperatures looks like upper 40s and low 50s.

We you can well imagine, with all the rain, all the lakes are coming up and we continue to see non-stop generation.  They turned on three more spillways last Sunday (while I had a trip out), so we currently are seeing approximately 14700 cfs of water going down the river.

Thought I had posted these trips earlier, but to my surprise, I just

Ron – 3/13/20

thought I had!  Anyway, Darren on the river last Friday with Mike and Ron all day.  These two are with the SWFF club and got the winning

Mike – 3/13/20

bid on a trip.  Good day for these on a #22 black copperhead midge or a size 12 tungsten beadhead gray scud.  Lots of nice fish including a 20 inch

Beth – 3/13/20

bow that Ron caught.  Dana had Beth and Greg from Maryland out for half a day.  Very good day

Greg – 3/13/20

for them too fishing the black copperhead and ruby 2 midges.

Sunday, Carolyn took Jaime and Doug out for the day.  Fishing started out pretty good on the cerise San Juan worm.  This slowed down so we moved around a bit looking for more fish. Picking up one or two here and there.  After lunch, we regrouped and started throwing the JQ on a 4 ips sink tip line and picked up several doing this.  Kept noticing that clumps of brush that were showing the last time I was on the water were no longer visible.  When we can off the water we found out they had turned on three more spillways while we were out.

On another note, we understand your not getting out and about.  However, it there is anything you need in the way of fishing equipment or tying materials, please give us a call.  We’ll get them shipped out to you ASAP.

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