Nice Weather Ahead!

After today, it looks like we are in for some nice weather.  Low to mid 50s tomorrow and Friday.  Then, low to mid 60s Saturday and Sunday and Monday!  Unfortunately, Tuesday is showing chances for rain.  Boo!

For the past six days, we have seen two generators going every day.  They shut down the spillways last Wednesday and so far, so good.  We did not see much increase in lake levels from this last rain so we are making headway.

Fishers who are braving this cooler weather are reporting some nice fish.  Had two new students, Tony and Helen, in the water last Saturday, we they were getting hits on anything red, San Juan or midges.  When the sun was out, Helen had several hits while learning to pull streamers on the holographic green crackeback.  Fun day and think they leaned a lot!

We are proud to announce that River Run Outfitters is one of the three nominees for the 2020 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year Award!  Thanks to our fantastic team and this awesome fishery!  Congratulations to the other two nominees, Linehan Outfitting Company of Troy, Montana and The Tackle Shop Outfitters, of Ennis, Montana.

Check Out the Nominees for the 2020 Orvis Endorsed Awards!

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