Pretty Weather Today!

Beautiful day today.  Right now the temperature is 53 degrees and it is clear and sunny.  Looks like we might have a couple more pretty nice days ahead of us.  Tomorrow and Friday should also be in the 50s with sunshine.  Saturday is cooling off into the mid 40s and I understand that Sunday night we will see some type of precipitation which could even be light snow.  However, with the temperatures I am currently seeing, I would not bet on snow.  However, either rain or snow Sunday evening into Monday and temperatures in the low 40s to upper 30s.  Tuesday turns back to sunshine with low 40s.  Wednesday into the weekend will see mid to upper 40s.

The spillways was shut down over the weekend (Saturday morning) and are still off.  For most of this week, we have only seen the equivalent of two units.  This puts the area about 5 feet over no generation levels.  As of December 1, the desired power pool dropped to 915 feet.  Currently, Table Rock is sitting at 916.6 feet so we are almost at power pool.

Dissolved oxygen level on Taneycomo is great.  Most recent value was just a little above 8 milligrams per liter.  Happy fish!

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