Okay Rain! Enough is Enough!

Rain most of last night into today and it has almost been non-stop all day.  Good news is that there is no rain in the forecast for Monday or Tuesday, but by Wednesday, we are seeing chances 30-40% again.  Friday through Sunday look great…no rain forecast, but Monday and all next week into the weekend there are chances again!

Generation schedule continues to be up and down.  Projection for tomorrow is no generation until 1:00 p.m.  Would that be nice!  Then 2 units for an hour or so and ramping up to three.  We shall see.

June – 6/17/19

John and June spent half a day on the water with Carolyn last Monday.  They had a very good day on the black copperhead midge under the big ruby and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  If I remember correctly, this was June’s first time pulling streamers and she did well.  Water started out with no flow when we hit the river.  Maybe fished 45 minutes and on came one unit and an hour and it was up to two units.  Of course, in short order it was up to three.  Not a problem, but the trash that goes through with each unit certainly makes keeping your flies clean.

Wednesday, Jim took Dirk and Katie out for half a day.  Dirk has been fly fishing for a while but Katie is pretty new.  So Jim worked with Katie and got her into some fish.  They fished the black midge and stripped the tiger tail.

Gina took Richard from Florida out for half a day on

Richard – 6/20/19

Thursday.  They had three units going, but the good news was that it was a beautiful, sunny, dry day!  Ruby 2 and tiger tail were their best flies.

Our Louisiana regulars, Ron and Kathy fished all day with Carolyn on Friday.  HOT! was the word for that day.  Lots of sunshine and eventually some wind which certainly helped cool things down a little.  Worked hard but had a pretty good day mainly on the black copperhead midge.  This was one for Ron.  He actually out fished Kathy.  That doesn’t happen very often.


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