Lots Of Fun Days On The Water!

Weather has been all over the place.  Chances for rain show up and maybe we get a few sprinkles.  Temperatures have been in the 70s many days.  Forecast for today is mid 80s, but I’m not certain we’ll make it.  An unexpected shower is going through right now.  Should be out of here before 1:00 p.m.  Sunday looks like thunderstorms in the morning, and, probably off and on all day!  We’re seeing chances (30-50%) of rain all next week with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.  Bummer!

Generation was spastic from Monday through Thursday this week.  Projection was one thing and actual was another.  Usually, it was turning on the generators much earlier than the projection.  Yesterday was pretty right on and today it looks like they are going to follow the schedule.

Jim on the water Monday with Ken and Ratree from Iowa.  If I remember correctly, Ratree outfished Ken.  Sounds like that is norm for them.  This was one of the days when the schedule was just wasting paper if you printed it.  Water came on early and trashed up pretty good.  However, once it settled down a little, they were catching on the size 8 tiger tail or bug eyed bugger.

Doris – 6/11/19

Tuesday, Doris and Fred from North Carolina spent the day fishing with Gina.  Another competitive couple.  Doris won with biggest, first and most!  Gorgeous day, but again, the generators came on early.  It was a ruby 2 under the big ruby and tiger tail day for

Fred – 6/10/19

them.  Steve and Ward had fished with us a couple times last year and they decided to come back again and give it a try.  They were on the water Tuesday with Jim.  With the juckie water, Jim when to stripping the tiger tail and JQ streamers.  Carolyn had a new fisher to our area, Holly, on the water all day.  She has been out of the fly fishing world for a quite awhile and decided it was time to get back to it!  Good, fun day to get started again!  Lots of different experiences with the water off, then on and on some more.  Ruby 2

Holly – 6/10/19

under the big ruby, and stripping the JQ streamer with a holographic green trailer were her best patterns.

Wednesday, Carolyn had Warren and Lee from Kansas out again.   The had fished with her earlier this

Lee – 6/12/19

year.  Good day for these guys on the ruby 2 midge.  Caught a few on the Lightning bug.

Thursday, Gina, Jim and Dana had a group of six on the water.  This was another one of those days when the water came on early.

Lee – 6/13/19

Projection was noon and I think it came on at 9:00 or before.  Gina had Lee and Anson.

Anson – 6/13/19

These guys were catching on the ruby 2.   Jim had Albert and Jill in his boat and they were catching on a big ruby with a San Juan dropper.  They also stripped the tiger tail once the water got up to a level.  Both were pretty new so there was some instruction going

Jill & Albert in Jim’s boat – 6/13/19

on.  Last, but certainly not least, Dana had Sam and Mike.  Sam’s very first fish to the boat was a nice 21 inch rainbow.  He caught it on a red San Juan worm.  What a way to

Sam’s 21″ rainbow – 6/13/19

start the day.   Back on the water was Holly.  Spend another whole day with Carolyn, and another fun day.   As I said before, she is just getting back into fly fishing and we

Mike 6/13/19

had some techniques

to work on.  In the fast water, mending was a never ending process, and our saying the day was, “no, your other left!”

Pat spent Friday morning on the water with Carolyn.  No generation when we hit the water so the flow was very slow.  Found a nice rock pile and started catching on the ruby 2 under the black copperhead midge.  This worked great until the first generator came on so it was row up to the fish ladder area and heavy up.  Big ruby

Pat – 6/14/19

Holly – 6/10/19

with the ruby 2 and we hooked several fish until the second unit came on.  The rest of the trip was definitely slower, but managed to hook a few more before coming off the water.




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