Only Five Spillways Now Going

We have had a few really nice days, but today looks WET!  Like we need that  There are slight chances for rain tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 60s.  Friday looks great.  Upper 60s and dry but overcast.  Saturday more chances of rain, but Sunday through Wednesday….at least for right now…..all look dry and 70s.  Cross your fingers.  We need to dry out.

Well, when Table Rock hit 920 feet, on came some more spillways.  Once it got below 920, they were shut down, but we still have five open at a foot each to compensate for the down generator.

Due to rain chances earlier this week, we cancelled a few trips, but Jim was able to squeak in a trip Sunday with Mike from Lee’s Summit.  Hadn’t seen him for a while so it was good to get him back on the water.  Good day for him on a size 6 Tiger Tail, the hot hare’s ear and a big ruby.  Fish were laid up in their normal high water places.

Started a fly of the week program.  This week’s pattern is the big ruby.  Come on in and get you free fly of the week!

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