Heads Up!

Cold!  That’s the only way one can describe the weather the past two days.  Sounds like we are going to start warming up though.  Tomorrow will be in the upper 30s.  We won’t know how to act!  Wednesday looks sunny and mid 40s.  By Friday, it’s 50s but chances for rain that increase in probability by Saturday. But Saturday is looking like upper 50s, maybe low 60s.  Next several days look more like March…..temperatures somewhere in the 50s.

Heads Up!   If everything goes as planned, the Corps will be shutting down the generators and opening up two of the gates (9 and 10) tomorrow morning.  Looks like they will run roughly the same amount of water this way as we have been seeing with the two generators, maybe less.  They need to do some repair work on the generators, so I’m not certainly how long this will take.  They did not say, but plan on at least one day this way and possibly more.


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