Yesterday was a beautiful day, but WINDY!  If you didn’t have it nailed down, it would have blown away.  Sunny and highs in the mid 60s but I can imagine it being quite difficult to get ones fly into the water!  Today is also beautiful, and, not much wind.  Not going to be as warm as yesterday, but I think it’s a day to keep.  Looking for a slight cool off this week and chances for rain Wednesday and possibly Thursday.

Still running generators 24/7.  However, the flow has cut back considerable from what it was this time last week.  They are using four units to generate the equivalent of two units.  Good news about the current generation pattern is that it is a little more consistent in level.  Before, you could look at the charts and it was up and down.  Fish like the stead flows just as much as we do.

Fishers on the water this past week and, for the most part, catching quite a few fish and some of then pretty nice.  Larger gray scuds (14-12) were working better for a change.  One couple that came in did very well from their boat in the upper area egg patterns.

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